“You must aim high, not in what you are going to do at some future date, but in what you are going to make yourself do today. Otherwise working is just a waste of time.”– Edgar Degas 

I love this quote!  Edgar Degas is by far my favorite impressionist!  I actually consider myself more of an artist than an author.  Although……  with a children’s picture book, they go hand in hand.  You must have illustrations that draw you in.  I believe my first book has done just that with the help of an amazing artist, Kadie Smith! You can find her at http://www.dropcapdesign.com .
Aim high today everyone!  Aim high today!

This is what the bio in my first published book reads:

“Kimberley Allen loves children, animals and art. She is the mother of four boys and their many friends who also call her Mom. She is a motorcycle riding grandmother and considers herself a crazy, fun-loving wife. Kimberley has worked in early childhood education for over thirty years. My Puppy Thinks She’s a Brown Cow is her first picture book and is based on her real-life chocolate lab named Latte’. Kimberley is originally from California and raised in New Jersey. She’s traveled the world thanks mostly to her mom for whom she is grateful. She has lived on the front range of Colorado for over 25 years where she and her husband raise chickens, cats and a dog.”

I think it’s pretty amazing that my life can be summed up in one paragraph.  Welcome to my crazy life.  Stay tuned, you never know, maybe I will start blogging one of these days.

UPDATE!!!  I’ve recently won a CIPA EVVY award for one of the longest-running book award competitions on the Indie publishing scene!  How awesome is that?

“If you’re always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be.” – Maya Angelou

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